Brutalism; I adore this architectural beauty

I always see Elephant and Castle as the part of London that time forgot; the 1960s brutalistic shopping arcade that represents the heart of this area was scheduled for demolition ten years ago, but somehow still stands strong today in 2018.

It was the first covered shopping mall in Europe when it opened in 1985, and the statue of an elephant with a castle stands proudly in its forecourt (see picture 2).
The area is named after a coaching inn Рa public house that had facilities for horses as well as the horsemen that drove them across the country; in this instance, presumably, it was a stopping point between London and the south coast ports. Brutalism: you either love it or hate it. Kinda like Marmite. Marmite, the Kardashians and Ikea.

Now, my wonderful followers, you already know me so well that you couldn’t ever imagine me passing such a beautiful sight as this without having the uncontrollable urge to snap it and share it. I simply adore brutalistic sights like this staircase at the London College of Communication (and staircases).A grey and drab scene in Elephant and Castle yesterday. The clean, bold lines of the bare concrete faces gives a raw, gritty feeling as people go about their business. A place where you can so easily be surrounded by people but utterly alone and isolated.



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