The World Comes to Windsor

The Royal Standard is flying high above Windsor Castle which means Her Majesty is in residence. She must have got here early in order to get a good parking space…
#Windsor was utterly packed this afternoon – I couldn’t resist heading there to enjoy the atmosphere earlier.
The media circus is definitely in town with news crews of every nationality grabbing whatever vantage point they can. Massively high security with anti-vehicle barriers erected at multiple points and armed police everywhere.
In this album look out for Kirsty Young hosting the BBC coverage; throngs of people in the Long Mile; and a satellite truck outside the Prince Harry pub.


Later that evening I got on a Tube train and headed for the capital. From the crowds and pandemonium, I was struck by the relative calm and tranquility outside Buckingham Palace and in St James’ Park next door.
Note the Union Flag ?? is flying not the Royal Standard. Hopefully Mrs Windsor remembered to leave a light on so burglars would think she’s in.



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