The Olde Guilden Ford

The Town Bridge of Guildford over the River Wey. For more than a thousand years people have crossed the shallow point of the river here, the Ford over the Golden water – the Guild Ford – is what gave the town its name.
A mediæval stone bridge over the water was destroyed by a in 1900 when floodwater washed huge amounts of timber from the yard where the Debenhams building stands in the background of this picture, damming the river. The resultant pressure on the arches (that had been narrowed in the 19th century) forcing the collapse of the entire structure.

This much-needed iron bridge was built 2 years later to reconnect this major traffic route to the Hogs Back in the West and towards London to the East. It closed to vehicles in the 1970s with traffic being rerouted around an utter nightmare of a one-way system.
Today in 2019 this bridge still stands at the bottom of Guildford’s steep High Street and gives pedestrians the chance to take a moment out if their busy days and just watch the river trundle by.

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